Equipment Sales - Used and New (25 Years Experience)

We primarily sale used / pre-owned MedX equipment, however we also offer other "New" equipment options. Please visit for more information on new products. 

MedX Computers, Parts and Service

We carry / inventory many MedX Medical Components - including strain gauges / load cells, switches and potentiometers, 

MedX Medical Training / Certification

MedX Training by Bryon Holmes or DeEtte Fuertado. Training is essential to a proper MedX program and legal credibility. 

MedX Moving - International and California

We have moved equipment in 5 Countries. We trained and experience movers in California.  

MedX Moving - Continental United States / Lower 48 - Goalder Transportation

Dave Goalder - Goalder Transportation.  Visit Goalder's website for updates and contact information.

Contact us to learn more.