Equipment Sales - Used and New (25 Years Experience)

We primarily sale used / pre-owned MedX equipment, however we also offer other "New" equipment options. Please visit for more information on new products.

MedX Computers, Parts and Service

We carry / inventory many MedX Medical Components - including strain gauges / load cells, switches and potentiometers,

Contact MedX Directly for Belts, Shields, Bushings etc:

MedX Medical Training / Certification

MedX Training by Bryon Holmes, Ken Kepler or DeEtte Fuertado. Training is essential to a proper MedX program and may provide you with an added level of legal benefits (please consult your legal representative).

MedX International Moving

We have moved equipment in numerous Countries and fully understand the complexity of moving MedX equipment. MedX equipment should never be moved by inexperienced movers.

MedX Moving - Continental United States / Lower 48 - Goalder Transportation

Dave Goalder - Goalder Transportation.  Visit Goalder's website for updates and contact information.

Contact us to learn more. We also have experienced movers in California for "short notice" moves.