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THIS LINE IS NOW SOLD. Please contact us if you are looking for or selling MedX equipment. We have numerous buyers domestic and overseas looking for MedX equipment.  

MEDX 14 Piece Line in good condition. Gray Frames, Black Upholstery, Black Shields. Well maintained. Currently on truck and waiting for delivery. 

Call for Price! 949-795-0885. Being sold as a package at this time.

  1. Row Machine
  2. Chest Press
  3. Torso Arm – Original Style Handles
  4. Pullover – Adjustable Elbow Pads
  5. Seated Leg Curl – Chain Drive
  6. Leg Extension – Chain Drive
  7. Leg Press – Dual Stack
  8. Rotary Torso – Overhead Cam w/ upgraded lock
  9. Abdominal – Leg Spread
  10. Lateral Raise
  11. Bicep/Arm Curl
  12. Triceps
  13. Overhead Press
  14. Stretch Machine 


  1. Arm Cross – needs weld fixed,
  2. Cybex Multi-Hip

PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING: Tony @ 949-795-0885

Please review pictures. These machines have been tested and work great. They are probably close to 20 years old – so “not like new” however they are lightly used. Some of the shields need new magnets. It appears all shields are there however one or two may be missing. There are a few minor rust areas – Chest Press Seat Pin, Row Seat Pin, Pullover Elbow Adjusters and on Bicep Seat Frame – minor and no major rust. These machines need a good cleaning and they will last many many more years.  GREAT package to open a HIT/Super Slow etc. facility!   The Arm Cross needs a weld fix – so it’s listed as an optional piece, however it is 100% functional – the broken weld is not structural. The Cybex Multi-Hip is also optional.  The machines are currently blanket wrapped and waiting to be delivered.  PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING!