MEDX 14 Piece Line in good condition. Gray Frames, Black Upholstery, Black Shields. Well maintained. Currently on truck and waiting for delivery. 

Call for Price! 949-795-0885. Being sold as a package at this time.

  1. Row Machine
  2. Chest Press
  3. Torso Arm – Original Style Handles
  4. Pullover – Adjustable Elbow Pads
  5. Seated Leg Curl – Chain Drive
  6. Leg Extension – Chain Drive
  7. Leg Press – Dual Stack
  8. Rotary Torso – Overhead Cam w/ upgraded lock
  9. Abdominal – Leg Spread
  10. Lateral Raise
  11. Bicep/Arm Curl
  12. Triceps
  13. Overhead Press
  14. Stretch Machine 


  1. Arm Cross – needs weld fixed,
  2. Cybex Multi-Hip

PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING: Tony @ 949-795-0885

Please review pictures. These machines have been tested and work great. They are probably close to 20 years old – so “not like new” however they are lightly used. Some of the shields need new magnets. It appears all shields are there however one or two may be missing. There are a few minor rust areas – Chest Press Seat Pin, Row Seat Pin, Pullover Elbow Adjusters and on Bicep Seat Frame – minor and no major rust. These machines need a good cleaning and they will last many many more years.  GREAT package to open a HIT/Super Slow etc. facility!   The Arm Cross needs a weld fix – so it’s listed as an optional piece, however it is 100% functional – the broken weld is not structural. The Cybex Multi-Hip is also optional.  The machines are currently blanket wrapped and waiting to be delivered.  PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING!